NotifyClean Donate v3.8.6 Unlocked APK [Latest]

NotifyClean Donate APK

NotifyClean Donate APK Free Download Latest Version Full Cracked Android App by GameBlews.

NotifyClean Donate APK For Android:

You could configure which apps are allowed to create notifications in the top left area, the notification area. If an app creates a notification it will be collected and added to the list.
You could deny all notifications of an app or only specific messages – if it’s not a customized notification. So I used it to hide “waiting for connection”, but not “you are connected”.

Download NotifyClean Donate APK For Android:

  • No self-promotion in the app.
  • Per app: Hide icon in status bar (collapsed notification area)
  • Per app: Show notification expanded by default (API>15)
  • Per app: Order of notifications (move up/down in the list)
  • Per app: Move to bottom of the list and hide the icon in the status bar
  • Per app: Deny full screen notifications
  • Per app: No floating-in (ticker) text in status bar
  • Per app: Disable LED
  • Per app: Disable vibration
  • Per app: Disable sound
  • Per app: Set notification as removable (ongoing), but also removes “service bit”
  • Per app: Remove a notification if a newly created was denied (remove updated)
  • Per app: Regex pattern matching
  • Per app: Tasker support
  • Clear unblocked notifications for all apps
  • Show all apps, even without notifications yet
  • You support this app and further development!

This app does not connect itself to any websites or hosts!

Your device has to be rooted to install the required X-posed framework.

Donator-App & Features:

What’s New

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